I have found that I really enjoy the part of my business where I get to work with clients helping them with boundary issues while also learning a lot of other things from them.

One example is Marlys Parr who turns 80 this year.

Marlys Parr & I
Marlys Parr & I while surveying

 I first meet Marlys while surveying for a neighbor and we ran into boundary line issues.  The issues revolved around missing Section corner monuments and potential lines not fitting any long time existing fences.  To resolve the issues we ended up doing multiple Boundary Line Agreements (BLAs) holding the long time existing fences.

After the first project Marlys hired me to survey her 50 acre farm and complete 3 more BLAs.

When it came time to set corners, Marlys wanted to be with us to take some photos for her family history books.  Marlys and her recently deceased husband purchased this farm back in 1967 and raised their family on it.  Marlys talked about how she and her husband worked full time jobs outside of running a chicken farm along with other farm animals, crops and raising a large family.  Marlys worked nights at a cannery in Woodburn for over 20 years.

My wife Kim helped me the day of setting monuments and also spent a lot of time talking with Marlys.  Marlys also asked Kim to take photos for her too.

Marlys watching me survey
Marlys watching me survey


Marlys, her daughter Mary and I
Marlys, her daughter Mary and I

Marlys did not miss a beat.  She was able to climb in and out of my too tall pickup multiple times and walked long distances over farmland with us.  With the warm day, the windows down, the fan blowing hard and the noisy sound of my diesel pickup she did not miss a word of our questions as she told us her family history and stories about the land.  At the end of the day Kim thanked me multiple times for taking her along and giving her a chance to meet and listen to this wonderful lady, Marlys Parr.  We both thank Marlys for the things she told us that one sunny day of setting her property corners.

What a blessing of a day it was!

One last photo of the neighborhood watch group!

Cow watching me set a corner!
Cow watching me set a corner!

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