Ag Data Management is a portion of Precision Ag. Right now, Precision Ag is thought to be mainly GPS on tractors for planting, spraying, working fields, harvesting, and much more. What is missing is the collection or storage of the facts to be overlaid and reviewed with other facts related to the same field graphically.

By creating a Database you also create the ability to share facts with other devices and processes throughout the life cycle of a field. Sharing can be between tractors in the same field at the same time to tractors in the field at different times for different purposes. It might be a drive through review or maybe a drive through review with field representative or partner. Maybe it is sharing with those back in the office, shop or on a business trip. Along with this is collection of facts that document and record cost and efforts for figuring profitability and real cost of work. This review might be a weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly or longer period of time to compare facts of field or farm production.

Ag Geospatial NW is here to help with all of this. Let us help get you started or help keep you going with the involvement that fits your needs.

  • Review existing
  • Drone Mapping
  • Full Creation
  • Maintenance support
  • Support for different levels
  • Packages to client’s needs
  • Basic Setup/Startup
  • Consulting
  • Yearly Reviews