13-10-25 Brown Spot heifer TKB308

2013 Calving Season is finally over

Yes I know we spread it out over a long abnormal schedule from May to Oct, but we did get 100% this year going 8 for 8!

So this was the year of the Heifer with 7 out of 8 being heifers.  A challenge when you hope for steers for selling beef and finally have a good list of clients that purchased 6 steers this year.

Guess we better eat the beef really slow this next year?

We will be selling heifer this year and I just need to get working on details of what and how much.  Coming soon!  The first calves can be weaned soon so I need to get some photos and set some prices.  Six of the seven heifers can and will be registered Miniature Polled Herefords.

Let me know if you have interest.


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