Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is “Geographic Informa tion Systems” or think of Google Earth, Bing or similar mapping packages that provide informati on that you can turn on and off depending on what you want to see or how crowded the data is.

Basically GIS is layers of informati on overlaid to present varying facts. Layers can be soils, land cover, zoning, water rights, parcels, mapping, aerial photos, harvest data and more. These layers also contain spreadsheets of facts about the data they represent. Things like parcel layer containing ownership, address, acreage, tax lot, value, loca tion and more. Spraying data containing amounts, applicati on rates, dates, weather, coordinates, and more. Precision Ag software is basically GIS data bases. You can turn these layers on and off depending on reviews of data you want to do or results you are looking for.

Ag Geospati al understands GIS as we are here to help you obtain data and transfer data between softwares and data bases.

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  • Data Collec tion
  • Data Analysis
  • Map Crea tion

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  • Data Crea tion
  • Data Manipulati on
  • Process Support